Picnic-Set made from solid wood. This design can be customised and ordered in any size or colour.

\ Picnic-Set aus Massivholz. Für dieses Design bieten wir eine große Auswahl von Farben an und anfertigen nach Maß.



To encourage the value of focus-based communication work in open-plan office environments, we designed the KERTI Phone booth as an acoustically engineered system of soundproof glass and wall elements. 

In here, you can make a business call or run a remote meeting without being heard or distracted from the outside.

The phone booth is comfortably ventilated and equipped with an adjustable LED-light source. All interior features can be customised to individual needs. 

KERTI sofa made from reclaimed Berlin floor boards, upholstery from bike and tractor inner tubes. The sofa can be customized. We offer a large selection of upholstery materials and many types of wood.

\ KERTI Sofa aus Berliner Holzdielen, Bezug aus Fahrrad- und Traktorschlauch. Für dieses Sofa bieten wir eine große Auswahl von Polsterstoffen und Holzarten an.

Patchwork benches made from reclaimed wood on industrial steel base.

\ Sitzbänke aus Restholz-Stückwerk. Gestell aus Industriestahl.