The One And Only KERTI Sofa Original 2011 | Studio KERTI

Kerti Sofa

KERTI SOFA 001 KERTI Sofa 001 2011 Description: As part of our sustainable design experiment in our early Studio KERTI days 2009-2013, we created the KERTI Sofa using discarded furniture parts and reclaimed Berlin floorboards. The original upholstery is made from bike and tractor inner tubes. Today, we offer a colourful selection of textiles to choose from […]

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Design Detail Standing Lamp Lighting Object Giant Architect | Studio KERTI

Giant Architect

LET’S ILLUMINATE! Giant Architect 002 2013 /2023 Description: This is the next-level version of our spectacular one-off KERTI piece from 2013: Giant Architect. Much like the original piece, the standing lamp is constructed from discarded furniture parts and custom-made CNC machined components. The original has found use in various exciting contexts, party events and exhibitions over the

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Kids Furniture

KIDS FURNITURE Kids Furniture 2009-2023  Description: Over time, we have designed a wide range of child-sized furniture with our own children as a yardstick. Here we show some examples of the characteristic design pieces that we have created again and again for the joy and pleasure of our own as well as other families with

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design art berlin STUDIO KERTI


V A S I S T A S VASISTAS 2011  Description: This luminous work of art is a pendant light intended for large interior spaces, composed of original Berlin skylights, as you know them from walks in sunny old Berlin. The glowing object is a unique design piece from our first years together as designers, during which

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