Konferenztisch Design Studio KERTI für Kayak Technology Center Berlin


MEETING ROOM TABLES Meeting Room Tables 2013-2019  Description: An excerpt from our classic oak meeting tables on industrial steel base with different types of custom-made cable trays made from black MDF. Designed for: open-plan office meetings Dimensions: –  Design and realisation: Studio KERTI Time to elevate your office with a stylish boardroom table? We’re here to […]

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Raumbeleuchtung im Büro Arbeitstische nach Maß für Office und Büro Berlin

Office Desks

POWER DESK Power Desk 2013 Description: Large co-working desk on industrial steel base with integrated power sockets. Patchwork edge from reclaimed Berlin floorboards.  Dimensions: 2400 x 800 x 740 mm Designed for: open-plan offices and team-working environments Design and realisation: Studio KERTI DOUBLE DESKS Double Desks 2013 Description: Set of work desks (42mm solid pine) on industrial steel

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Dining Room

Time for dinner! Dining Room Tables 2013-2023 Description: A dining table is not just a dining table. Family evenings around our large table at home are often accompanied by the children’s schoolwork, drinking glasses with colorful markers, and stacks of drawings and sketches, all of which are created best… at the dining table! We are dedicated to

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Cabinetry Detail Direktorinzimmer | Studio KERTI


DIREKTORINZIMMER Direktorinzimmer 2022 We were commissioned to develop a design concept for the idea of a built-in closet/ wardrobe/ bookcase for a private home office space in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Our clients were imagining a combination of clear shapes and structures with playful colours reminiscent of the Bauhaus style. The color scheme should pick up on the

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Design Studio KERTI Berlin kitchen

Global Village

PATCHWORK KITCHEN CULTURE Patchwork Kitchens 2021-2023 Description: We were given the opportunity to create something unique and special that aligns perfectly with our charasteristic design style and passion for craftmanship.  Drawing inspiration from our own patchwork kitchen at home, we implemented a total of six individually crafted patchwork kitchens, each with kitchen fronts created from

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Office Kitchen by Studio KERTI

KAYAK Kitchens

KAYAK OFFICE KITCHENS KAYAK Office Kitchens 2017  Client: KAYAK Technology Center Berlin Design collaboration: Studio Theobald Realisation: Studio KERTI   Planning to upgrade your office or home dining area with a new custom-made kitchen? Get in touch with us so we can discuss your plan and help bring your project to life!

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Warwick’s Wardrobe

WARWICK’S WARDROBE Warwick’s Wardrobe 2020  Description: Naturally sunlit rooms like this one in a penthouse apartment in Prenslauer Berg are exciting to work with when it comes to designing colors, shapes, compositions and materials. In this project, we have equipped the end wall in a bedroom with a large built-in wardrobe covered with a mild bluish

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Staircase Storage | Studio KERTI

Amber Chamber

UNDER STAIRS STORAGE Amber Chamber 2023  Description: A pile of everyday items used to characterize the space under the stairs in the entrance of a beautiful terraced house in Berlin Treptow. Beneath the organically carved staircase, we’ve created a deep, built-in cabinetry that accommodates the family’s shoes, boots and bags, with a dedicated area for pledge bottles

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Studio KERTI Home interior architecture Einbaumöbel


THE TIVOLI PROJECT Tivoli 2018 Description: From the implementation process on the construction site in a private home located in Berlin Kreuzberg Victoria Quartier… This project involved the design, production and installation of a storage solution for a newly installed staircase. The inner body of the built-in cabinet is made of black MDF, specifically designed to accommodate objects related

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Speak Easy

SPEAK-EASY Speak-Easy 2022  Description: We converted a newly renovated 45 sqm basement room located in Berlin Kreuzberg, with a maximum ceiling height of 2.2 meters, into a multi-functional industrial-style living space primarily for sitting activities with a home cinema, music room with piano and violins, a minibar, a library for a large art culture book

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CNC Surface Texturing

CNC SURFACE TEXTURING CNC Services CNC-generated surfaces and unique vector-based patterns… We often use CNC technology in the production and assembly of our designs. In addition, we offer our know-how and special production services to other architects, designers, artists and craftsmen. We provide floor and ceiling surface processing and custom-made components for furniture manufacturing, as well

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Corian Bathroom Design | Studio KERTI

Corian Camardi

CORIAN CAMARDI Bathroom Vanity 2023  Description: We were commissioned to create a unique design piece for the guest bathroom of a Berlin home in Tiergarden. After a cheerful first conversation with our italian client, about the Fibonacci Arc, followed by an exciting discourse on the theories of Deleuze and Guattari, our discussion quickly moved on

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Mila’s Dressing Suite

MILA’S DRESSING SUITE Mila’s Dressing Suite 2021  Description: Carefully following our client’s preferences to layout in this project, we brought the initial sketches to life transforming a small 6m² niche adjacent to the bedroom into a spacious super trunk with quick access to clothes and shoes. The open built-in cabinet is only partially equipped with

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Design Studio KERTI office phone booth meeting board room table office work desks

KAYAK Technology Center Berlin

KAYAK OFFICE AT POSTBAHNHOF KAYAK Technology Center Berlin 2013-2023 Description: We have accompanied KAYAK since 2013 and handled the furniture design realisation for the entire 3200 sqm office interior at the former Postbahnhof in Berlin Friedrichshain. KAYAK is a travel search engine that provides travel planning tools to travelers around the world. Over the years, our

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Windows 8 Wall Art Berlin Regitze Kerti

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator

MICROSOFT VENTURES ACCELERATOR Microsoft Ventures Accelerator 2013 Description: We designed a complete co-working environment for Startups at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, located Unter den Linden on the 5th floor of Microsoft’s brand new headquarter in the heart of Berlin. Microsoft Ventures Accelerator promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in the startup scene, providing support and access to a worldwide network

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Studio KERTI art production artistic interior Berlin

Tiles Art Table

CATE’S TABLE Cate’s Table 2017  Description: We were commissioned to produce this remarkable table design for a Berlin artist who wanted to incorporate her collection of stunning handmade art tiles into a work of art. The tile composition is created by the artist herself. To highlight the exquisite texture and unique charm of these amazing tiles, the

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Unika Möbel Berlin Kleiderschrank design und realisation Studio KERTI


AWSM MNTN AWSM MNTN Wardrobe 2011  Description: The original AWSM MNTN Wardrobe on wheels is made from veneered blockboard with front details crafted from reclaimed wood. It consists of two identical bodies, yet the internal storage compartments are different in composition and format, making room for specific types of clothes. You can easily move the wardrobe around your room and

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The One And Only KERTI Sofa Original 2011 | Studio KERTI

Kerti Sofa

KERTI SOFA 001 KERTI Sofa 001 2011 Description: As part of our sustainable design experiment in our early Studio KERTI days 2009-2013, we created the KERTI Sofa using discarded furniture parts and reclaimed Berlin floorboards. The original upholstery is made from bike and tractor inner tubes. Today, we offer a colourful selection of textiles to choose from

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Shelves To-Go

WALL MOUNTED SHELVES TO-GO Shelves To-Go 2023 Description: We haven’t completely deviated from our original concept: the idea of creating unique wall-mounted shelves from discarded high-quality materials, such as reclaimed wood from floorboards. We make our Shelves To-Go in our workshop from the very best off-cuts and leftovers from our manufacture of built-in cabinets, partitions or

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Design Detail Standing Lamp Lighting Object Giant Architect | Studio KERTI

Giant Architect

LET’S ILLUMINATE! Giant Architect 002 2013 /2023 Description: This is the next-level version of our spectacular one-off KERTI piece from 2013: Giant Architect. Much like the original piece, the standing lamp is constructed from discarded furniture parts and custom-made CNC machined components. The original has found use in various exciting contexts, party events and exhibitions over the

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WELCOME TO OUR COMMUNITY Kreative Arbeitsgemeinschaft OberSchöneweide We have taken part in a fantastic journey since 2013 and will stay on board as long as the wind blows our ever-expanding KAOSship ahead to whatever horizons.  Today we are responsible for the day-to-day running of the shared wood workshop on the site and over the past

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Studio KERTI design table top art production

Art Production

PROTOTYPES AND ART PRODUCTION PROTOTYPES AND ART PRODUCTION  Description: We offer a wide range of services within the production of art and furniture, including the production of prototypes for use in presenting the first 1:1 version of a design. We can make special surface treatments and produce art objects and unique elements for use in connection

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Kids Furniture

KIDS FURNITURE Kids Furniture 2009-2023  Description: Over time, we have designed a wide range of child-sized furniture with our own children as a yardstick. Here we show some examples of the characteristic design pieces that we have created again and again for the joy and pleasure of our own as well as other families with

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Handgefertigte Designer Spielgeräte Berliner Kita

Playground Equipment

LET’S PLAY! Wasserspieltisch 2019  Description: The children of this Berlin kindergarten got a pair of new outdoor play tables for all sorts Berlin weather. Adapted to all safety regulations for this age group, the garden tables are used by the very little ones to create together and play with sand and water. Once the green, circular

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design art berlin STUDIO KERTI


V A S I S T A S VASISTAS 2011  Description: This luminous work of art is a pendant light intended for large interior spaces, composed of original Berlin skylights, as you know them from walks in sunny old Berlin. The glowing object is a unique design piece from our first years together as designers, during which

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CHIMOSA BERLIN CHIMOSA 2013  Description: In 2013 we set up a new martial arts venue in Linienstrasse Berlin Mitte with an adjacent tea bar.  We have developed the complete, integrated interior design concept, including color theme and design of several of the site’s special niches and furniture distributed over a spatially defined foyer with tea bar

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rave safe ventilator cover

City Critters & Furry Friends

CITY CRITTERS & FURRY FRIENDS Khaleesi’s Aircon Casing 2020 Description: CNC generated plywood pattern framing a custom box construction. The aircon cabinet is designed to cover the aircon unit while still keeping the place ventilated during hot Berlin Prenzlauerberg summers. Client: Private Design and realisation: Studio KERTI  Looking to surprise your best friend with a custom-made

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Studio KERTI Furniture Design and Interior Architecture | Coworking open-plan office environment. Acoustically engineered phone booth. Soundproof and ventilated. This design can be customised to individual needs.

Office Phone Booth

KERTI Booth 2015 Description: To encourage the value of focus-based communication work in open-plan office environments, we designed the KERTI B ooth as an acoustically engineered system of soundproof glass and wall elements. In here, you can make a business call or run a remote meeting without being heard or distracted from the outside. The phone

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Picnic set made from solid wood /// Picnic-Set mit Tisch und Bänke aus Massivholz | Studio KERTI furniture design and realisation

Berlin Picnic

BERLIN PICNIC Berlin Picnic 2014 Description: Picnic set made from solid wood. Dimensions: 2400 x 1950 x 760 mm Designed for: outdoors Design and realisation: Studio KERTI    DESIGN VARIANTS The sun keeps shining, so let’s create you a custom outdoor hang-out for your rooftop terrace or playground! Get in touch with us for more information

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Studio KERTI Berlin Furniture Design And Interior Architecture | Large co-working desk with integrated power sockets /// Großer Arbeitstisch mit Patchwork Kante und Steckdosenleiste | Design and illustration Studio KERTI.

Power Desk

POWER DESK Power Desk 2013 Description: Large co-working desk on industrial steel base with integrated power sockets. Patchwork edge from reclaimed Berlin floorboards.  Dimensions: 2400 x 800 x 740 mm Designed for: open-plan offices and team-working environments Design and realisation: Studio KERTI POWER DESK VARIANTS Looking to upgrade your workplace with a desk full of power? Let’s create

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Wandregale Designermöbel handgefertigt nach Maß in Berlin Studio KERTI Wall Mounted Shelves made from Berlin floorboards. Design and furniture design illustration Studio KERTI Architect and Designer Maker in Berlin

Wall Mounted Shelves

Wall Mounted Shelves 2009 Description: Wall mounted shelves made from Berlin floorboards. Dimensions: – Designed for: home and office walls Design and realisation: Studio KERTI FLOORBOARD SHELF VARIANTS Need some awesome shelves? Get in touch with us for more information on materials, price range and delivery times! CONTACT US TO CUSTOMIZE AND ORDER THIS DESIGN

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Table top made from discarted wood Patchwork Dining Tables Berlin Patchwork Esstisch mit Gestell aus Industriestahl Furniture Design and illustration Studio KERTI

Small Patchwork Dining Table

Small Patchwork Dining Table 2011 Description: Patchwork table top assembled from different types of quality discarded wood on industrial steel base. This dining table is a design variant of one of our KERTI classics from 2011 Long Dining Table With A Split Table Top > Dimensions: 800 x 1140 x 740 mm Designed for: cafes and kitchens Design and realisation: Studio

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Tisch Design ET002 | Double shaped table /// Tisch im Tisch | Design Illustration Regitze KERTI 2012

Tisch Im Tisch

Double Shaped Table 2011 Description: Double shaped table made from reclaimed Berlin floorboards. The image below shows a design variant of our original KERTI design custom-made in the shape of a child-scale table that can also be used as a coffee table. Dimensions: – Designed for: storing magazines, books, cell phones and laptops Design and realisation:

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Handgefertigte Eckregale aus Berliner Holzdielen Wall mounted corner shelves made from reclaimed floor boards Design and furniture design illustration Studio KERTI.

Corner Shelves

CORNER SHELVES Corner Shelves 2012 Description: Wall mounted corner shelves made from reclaimed Berlin floorboards. Dimensions: – Designed for: home and office walls Design and realisation: Studio KERTI  CORNER SHELF VARIANTS On the lookout for a custom storage solution to adorn and define the corner of your room? Get in touch with us to discuss your

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Architektin und Designer Maker in Berlin Designer Möbel angefertigt nach Maß Design Katalog KERTI one-off Sitzbänke aus Restholz-Stückwerk Gestell aus Industriestahl Patchwork Benches made from reclaimed wood on industrial steel base Furniture design and illustration Studio KERTI

Patchwork Bench

PATCHWORK BENCH Patchwork Bench 2012 Description: Patchwork bench made from reclaimed wood.  Dimensions: – Designed for: home, office and café interiors Design and realisation: Studio KERTI  PATCHWORK BENCH VARIANTS Dreaming of a unique Patchwork Bench crafted to match the colour scheme of your space? Get in touch with us and let’s make you a special piece!  CONTACT

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