Cabinetry Detail Direktorinzimmer | Studio KERTI


DIREKTORINZIMMER Direktorinzimmer 2022 We were commissioned to develop a design concept for the idea of a built-in closet/ wardrobe/ bookcase for a private home office space in Berlin-Kreuzberg. Our clients were imagining a combination of clear shapes and structures with playful colours reminiscent of the Bauhaus style. The color scheme should pick up on the […]

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Design Studio KERTI Berlin kitchen

Global Village

PATCHWORK KITCHEN CULTURE Patchwork Kitchens 2021-2023 Description: We were given the opportunity to create something unique and special that aligns perfectly with our charasteristic design style and passion for craftmanship.  Drawing inspiration from our own patchwork kitchen at home, we implemented a total of six individually crafted patchwork kitchens, each with kitchen fronts created from

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CNC Surface Texturing

CNC SURFACE TEXTURING CNC Services CNC-generated surfaces and unique vector-based patterns… We often use CNC technology in the production and assembly of our designs. In addition, we offer our know-how and special production services to other architects, designers, artists and craftsmen. We provide floor and ceiling surface processing and custom-made components for furniture manufacturing, as well

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Studio KERTI art production artistic interior Berlin

Tiles Art Table

CATE’S TABLE Cate’s Table 2017  Description: We were commissioned to produce this remarkable table design for a Berlin artist who wanted to incorporate her collection of stunning handmade art tiles into a work of art. The tile composition is created by the artist herself. To highlight the exquisite texture and unique charm of these amazing tiles, the

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Design Detail Standing Lamp Lighting Object Giant Architect | Studio KERTI

Giant Architect

LET’S ILLUMINATE! Giant Architect 002 2013 /2023 Description: This is the next-level version of our spectacular one-off KERTI piece from 2013: Giant Architect. Much like the original piece, the standing lamp is constructed from discarded furniture parts and custom-made CNC machined components. The original has found use in various exciting contexts, party events and exhibitions over the

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Studio KERTI design table top art production

Art Production

PROTOTYPES AND ART PRODUCTION PROTOTYPES AND ART PRODUCTION  Description: We offer a wide range of services within the production of art and furniture, including the production of prototypes for use in presenting the first 1:1 version of a design. We can make special surface treatments and produce art objects and unique elements for use in connection

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design art berlin STUDIO KERTI


V A S I S T A S VASISTAS 2011  Description: This luminous work of art is a pendant light intended for large interior spaces, composed of original Berlin skylights, as you know them from walks in sunny old Berlin. The glowing object is a unique design piece from our first years together as designers, during which

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