Direktorinzimmer 2022

We were commissioned to develop a design concept for the idea of a built-in closet/ wardrobe/ bookcase for a private home office space in Berlin-Kreuzberg.

Our clients were imagining a combination of clear shapes and structures with playful colours reminiscent of the Bauhaus style. The color scheme should pick up on the existing colors of the room, complementing the Norwegian wool bedspread and cushions covering the day bed, the desk office chair, the beautiful parquet floor, and the soft-toned walls.

The large, multi-colored cabinetry consists of a modular bookshelf at the very top, which, as in the classic library, can be conveniently reached with a tall, integrated ladder. In some areas, the shelving goes all the way down to the floor, which provides ample space for placing and displaying special objects, such as art sculptures and flower bouquets.

The main wardrobe section is covered with cabinet doors with an inward-facing mirror and is designed to store clothes and long jackets. In addition, the wardrobe section features a large tip-on module for storing shoes, boots and other footwear. Below it all are the practical, deep drawers, in which the more miscellaneous items find their daily storage space. 

Client: Private

Design and realisation: Studio KERTI

Love the idea to enhance your home office with a spacious cabinetry designed to accommodate your storage needs?

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