Warwick’s Wardrobe 2020 

Description: Naturally sunlit rooms like this one in a penthouse apartment in Prenslauer Berg are exciting to work with when it comes to designing colors, shapes, compositions and materials.

In this project, we have equipped the end wall in a bedroom with a large built-in wardrobe covered with a mild bluish linoleum, which visually gives the white lacquered wooden floor and the white painted walls something to complement and play with. The warm wooden beams add a certain Nordic feel to it all, emphasized by the pleasant indirect sunlight in the room.

The inner body of the cupboard consists of carefully coordinated small and large compartments for storing clothes and footwear. It also contains the family’s most essential belongings and special stashes, so that, for example, the travel suitcases are never too far out of reach.

Client: Private

Design and realisation: Studio KERTI

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