Patchwork Kitchens 2021-2023

Description: We were given the opportunity to create something unique and special that aligns perfectly with our charasteristic design style and passion for craftmanship. 

Drawing inspiration from our own patchwork kitchen at home, we implemented a total of six individually crafted patchwork kitchens, each with kitchen fronts created from carefully selected, high-quality pieces of reclaimed wood.

The classic wall-mounted KERTI shelf with its sliding doors is designed to mainly accommodate small objects such as drinking glasses and mugs. 

The vivacious CNC textured kitchen backsplash is crafted with love, care and precision by hand. These special wall elements also serve to emphasize the specific color scheme of each of the six kitchen spaces of the building, bringing life and color to coffee making and dining situations in the office.

Client: Berlin Global Village

Design and realisation: Studio KERTI

Dreaming of a classic KERTI patchwork kitchen created to reflect your taste and favourite kitchen colours?

Get in touch and share your special wishes with us. We’d love to help you with the realisation of your kitchen project!

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