Microsoft Ventures Accelerator 2013

Description: We designed a complete co-working environment for Startups at Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, located Unter den Linden on the 5th floor of Microsoft’s brand new headquarter in the heart of Berlin.

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator promotes innovation and entrepreneurship in the startup scene, providing support and access to a worldwide network of customers and partners to help participants develop their business.

Along with the concept development and planning of the unique, Berlin-specific office environment adapted to the needs of these international startups, we were responsible for the design and production of all the individualised furniture for the project.

Throughout the design concept, we emphasized high-quality reclaimed materials in combination with new construction components to create work desks, wall-mounted shelves, room dividers, a staircase coffee lounge, seating and project presentation areas, as well as an art installation made of eight reclaimed wooden window frames mounted on the wall, reflecting the Windows driver system promoted at the time.

Client: Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Berlin

Photos: Ben Plefka

Styling: Dreaminc

Design and realisation: Studio KERTI

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