Kreative Arbeitsgemeinschaft OberSchöneweide

We have taken part in a fantastic journey since 2013 and will stay on board as long as the wind blows our ever-expanding KAOSship ahead to whatever horizons. 

Today we are responsible for the day-to-day running of the shared wood workshop on the site and over the past 10 years we have taken part in the realisation of a large number of KAOS projects, exhibitions and parties.

It is here from this green sage that we gather daily inspiration and find expert answers to questions that lie beyond our own creative boundaries. This is the place where we share our experiences with like-minded artists, craftsmen and creators, who all together help to shape what KAOS stands for: expression, passion and creative friendship, art and design culture on a high and yet exuberant underground level.

In KAOS everything is in motion and anything can happen. Put on your dancing shoes or toss them over in the corner and watch our KAOS fellow creative David Dollmann‘s wonderful documentary visual narration of the lead-up to it all…


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