Wasserspieltisch 2019 

Description: The children of this Berlin kindergarten got a pair of new outdoor play tables for all sorts Berlin weather.

Adapted to all safety regulations for this age group, the garden tables are used by the very little ones to create together and play with sand and water.

Once the green, circular covers are in place, and sand and water have been wiped away, the tables are used for picnics and birthday parties in the garden.

We made sure the table has a small central hole for a water hose – or a large parasol so the minis can hide from the midday sun and enjoy a whole summer’s day outside.

Client: Diakonische Werk Berlin 

Design and realisation: Studio KERTI


Kids Locomotive 2015-2018 

Description: Presented here are some variants of our Kids Locomotive design, which serves as a popular outdoor gathering point for Berlin kindergarten children.

Each of the designs has a preferred color theme chosen by the individual client. They are created from high-quality wood materials, unique building components, and specially selected vintage buttons. One of the locomotives, for example, has a driver’s display from an original East German Trabi wagon and a steering wheel from a scrapped tractor.

Designed for imaginative play, exploration, and climbing, our Kids Locomotive gives little ones unlimited entertainment options while playing outside. The custom-made playground equipment boasts a spacious trailer at the back and standing areas around the structure, offering plenty of room for everyone to join in on the fun ride.

Clients: Diakonische Werk Berlin, Familienzentrum tam

Design and realisation: Studio KERTI

Spielplatz Kinder Spielgeräte Studio KERTI Berlin

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